Sep. 14th, 2009

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It isn't often that Bobby gets seriously introspective. It's easier for him to put on a smile and pretend that nothing's wrong when he feels this way, but the smile isn't coming today. The jokes that normally get more numerous the less okay he is aren't there on the tip of his tongue, ready to mask his real mood.

Since finding Milliways and meeting so many different people, he's begun to feel...small. Not insignificant so much as just not as different as he'd thought. He liked having his powers and being special. He liked being a hero, for the most part. Now, he's had many people telling him that being a hero is a waste of his time, though they word it differently. Why does he care what people think of mutants? Why does he fight to protect people who would cheer at the news of his death, some days? Why does he hide his real identity?

Because it's the right thing to do. That's the answer he'd give nine times out of ten. Why is it the right thing? Magneto would say that as Homo Sapiens Superior, it's the natural order of things for mutants to take over...evolution and the benefits of being made better than regular humans. Dangerous thinking, but Bobby can almost understand it; millions rallied around Hitler who has the same kinds of ideals.

Bobby knows that the dimwitted jokster act he puts on for everyone is so good that most people think he's either a simpleton or incredibly naive. He doesn't apply himself to his academics and often asks for things to be explained...even when he is fully able to understand the concepts and principals. People dumb things down for him because they think he's not very bright sometimes. He never really believed it of himself--at least, he hadn't before meeting Jordan and a few others who thought he was too blinded by the hero bit to see the forest for the trees.

He's aware that they think he doesn't see how things are, and that they think that a small group of teenaged heroes trying to save the world is futile. Sometimes he feels the same way himself.

That Japanese Beetle guy claimed to be a hero, but didn't have a problem giving alcohol to minors and robbing his foes after defeating them. He's puzzled by a hero that can be so morally bankrupt. How can a hero expect anyone to trust him when they act as though the laws don't apply to them? But then...isn't that what the X-men do, only they do it for 'the greater good'?

Beetle claimed Jordan was evil...he didn't believe that, though she did have a huge chip on her shoulder. He felt she was entitled to that chip, and that her circumstances were very different than most...but he didn't think that she would truly enjoy hurting innocent people.

There's being outside of the law for various reasons, and then there's true evil. Jordan lives outside the law due to necessity, but would she settle into an honest life if she was free of the agency hunting her? She is brilliant enough to realize she could live a very profitable and comfortable life of her choosing on the right side of the law if she moved to another place to start over. Would she be happy with that? Who wouldn't? It sort of bothers him that she thinks of him as cute and harmless and misguided, even though that's exactly what he tries to project.


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